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Hexagon tile, the most appropriate porcelain tile for historic restoration or a period look

Hexagon tile is an ingredient in a monumental plethora of homes constructed between about eighteen eighty and nineteen forty. Sometimes the condition is satisfactory with a little cleaning, however often areas exist that need to be patched due to previous homeowners replacing plumbing fixtures or remodeling. They are worth keeping or replacing with similar, just because of historicity alone.

Porcelain hexagonal tile; a very durable choice for commercial grade quality and stain resistance and well suited to use in kitchens and baths

Porcelain tile is unquestionably durable. It is often used in stores where tile must be able to withstand a lot of abuse that would be a problem for many tiles. Porcelain is very resistant to picking up stains. It is a good idea to use a sealer when installing hexagon or square tile to help the grout from picking up stains. Porcelain tile is slip resistant and is a good choice for showers.

Hexagon tiles, varying shades of white and off-white; the reason why for color matching getting a tile sample is highly recommended

Because hexagon tiles were so commonly used in old houses, it is a magnificent idea to use them when restoring the house to stay true to the original style. If you are patching areas you should investigate the thickness of the new hexagonal tiles to make sure they are approximately the same height. Comparing color is also a good idea. There were many different shades of white used and it would be nice to accurately approximate the initial coloration. The porcelain hexagon tile most commonly used is called rectified, which means flat across the top, not curved at the edges. All our porcelain tile is this type. Depending on your style of venerable vintage home you may want to visit our ad-free restoration sites for The Craftsman Homes Connection, The Victorian Homes Connection, and The Colonial Homes Connection

White porcelain tile; floor preparation is manadatory and well advised to avoid minor imperfections become major eyesores. White porcelain floor tiles show up every unacceptable imperfection in a floor if it is not prepared well. Use a tile installer who is not unfamiliar with the technicalities of laying hexagonal tile. With a historic home you may have an uneven floor surface so select an installer who will do a good job preparing the horizontal surfaces.

Black hexagon tile, an easy way to add visual by selectively replacing white with black tiles to create floret or greek key motifs (in square tiles). Our black hexagon tiles are actually a beautiful dark gray. Innovative designs can be made by peeling out white tiles and replacing them with the black tiles. With hexagonal tile you can make round designs. With square tiles a popular design is the greek key motif.

hexagon floor tile; dense grain porcelain is subantially more durable than glazed ceramic tile which ultimately has a much shorter lifespan. Porcelain tile is an superlative building product that will give a lifetime of exemplary service. All of our hexagon tile, square tile, and penny round tile is typically on hand and ready to ship right away.