Fill out your contact information below. We will call you to go over the order to answer any questions and make sure everything is configured correctly, as well as give a lead time estimate.

#2) Call us at 509 535 5098. If you go to voice mail please leave a message...we'll call back shortly. Yes, you can talk to a real person! Hours of operation: 10 to 4 Monday-Thursday pacific time, excluding Federal holidays.


Tile return policy

All our tile is non-returnable. For complete safety we offer samples so you can see exactly what the tile looks like before proceeding with the order. Typically, we get samples shipped out within 24 hours during the workweek. The cost for samples is $5 for the first one, and $2 for each additional. Cancelled orders are subject to a cancellation fee of 6% of the total order amount. If you have any questions about return policies or cancellation fees affecting an item please ask for a clarification at or before the time of order. Thanks!