Will this tile match my existing tile?

Probably not. There have been a lot of sources of tile through the centuries and everyone had their own method of making tile. Still, you could order a sample and see if it is workable.

Is porcelain tile likely to break?

No, it is rated for commercial use and is very durable.

Should I use a sealer on hex tile?

A good sealer is recommended. Not for the tile per se....but for the grout! Can't hurt and might help.

How do I figure out how much to order?

Measure how many square feet you have and give us a call. It is a good idea to get 5% to 10% extra in case there is wastage going around vanities, etc. Configuring subway tile requires a lot more thinking to figure out the bullnose tiles so get some measurements together before calling and set aside a block of time so we can get it right. It may even be useful to have a few digital pictures to email us.

What is rectified tile?

That is tile that is completely flat across the top without any rounding or easing at the edge. This is often seen in vintage tile. If you are going for a historic look this will look much more appropriate than the rounded or "pillowed" tile. .

How do I get those neat floral or Greek key patterns like in your logo?

You get a lot of white tiles and a few charcoal tiles. Then you pry out some white ones and replace them with the dark ones. Use a traditional motif or make up your own! Yes, it is time consuming...but you'll end up with something great looking.