How to order:

#1) Click here to place an online order through the Decor and Restore inc secure server (our parent corporation)

#2) us at 509 535-5098. If you go to voice mail please leave a message...we'll call back shortly. Yes, you can talk to a real person.

#3) Should you want to mail in an order, our address is 2525 E. 29th, Suite 10B-343, Spokane, WA 99223. However, you will want to speak with us first to get a ship quote.

Note: Office hours are 10-4 Mon-Fri, excluding federal holidays. We always confirm every order, so if you don't hear from us, please give us a call.

Tile return policy

All our tile is non-returnable. For complete safety we offer samples so you can see exactly what the tile looks like before proceeding with the order. Typically, we get samples shipped out within 24 hours during the workweek. The cost for samples is $5 for the first one, and $2 for each additional. Cancelled orders are subject to a cancellation fee of 6% of the total order amount. If you have any questions about return policies or cancellation fees affecting an item please ask for a clarification at or before the time of order. Thanks!

Privacy policy:
We do not share, sell, or otherwise disseminate any of your information to companies other than those operated by decor and restore inc. This would include your name, address, financial information, and e-mail address. We do not telemarket or hire telemarketers. We do not send junk faxes. We do not spam. Plus, you'll notice we are just about the only site on the internet that does not accept advertising.